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My Favorite Things

My favorite actor is Corey Haim but I bet you couldn't figure that one out LOL Favorite soap is Of Course Days Of Our Lives is there anything esle LOL But seriuosly I do like One Life To Live and sometimes General Hospital but can do without or without it. I love my women. Yeah you guessed it I'm not gay. Totally straight and pretty darn pround of it too :-) right now I'm single so any girls want a date :-) I'm a nice easy going very handsome guy :-) Enough bout that I like two Guys A Girl and A Pizza Place. Dawson's Creek and even The New Love Boat go figure :-)

My favorite Top 10 Actors in order.........

1.Corey Haim of course :-)

2.Mark Paul Gosslaar (Sorry guys if I spelled it wrong nobody is pefect) He is probably most known for Zack on Saved By the Bell.

3.Emilo Estefez he was famous for being a member of the Brat Pack in the 80's. I also have a mailing list for Emilo if you want join by sending an email to

4.Kirk Cameron he pretty much faded out of the picture bt we will all remember him as Mike on Growing Pains.

5.Chris Young you probably don't know him and maybe you do but his most recent movie was PCU he also played on Max Headroom in the 80's.

6.Brad Pitt I also got a mailing list for him

7.Christian Slater everyone knows Christian LOL

8.Brandon Douglas he played in Class of 96 in 92 and done a made for TV movie with MPG.

9.Tate Donoven He is on Friends now as rachels boyfriend ex now I think ain't got a chance to watch it lately. He was also Sandra Bullock's Boyfriend in real life.

10.Finally but certainly not least Leo DiCaprio At this point who don't like Leo LOL

That ain't all it's just all I'm tellin LOL

Favorite Actress

1. With out a doubt Sandra Bullock with a body like that who wouldn't love her now really guys LOL

2.Sean Young She played in Ace Ventura Pet Dectective but I liked her long before then :-)

3.Penelopee Ann Miller plays in The Closer on ABC.

4.Dolly Parton and hey guys I just don't like her for her top part either LOL HEY RIGHT!!!!!! :-)

5.Bette Midler she is not only a great actress she is a great singer too her movies will even bring me to tears but shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell no one LOL

6.Julia Roberts now tell me which man don't like Julia Do I have to tell ya LOL

7.Whoopi Goldsberg She is probably the funniest actress I know of to date.

8.Marilyn Monroe she might be dead and gone but her movies will live on for generations.

9.Alica Silverstone Alica in my inpionion has never made a bad movie let's hope she keeps it up :-)

10 Last but not least Olivia Newton John now here is another woman with many talents she has alot of stories she could tell :-)

Top Ten Movies

1.Grease it was just released again need I say more LOL

2.Purple Rain It is a story bout Prince and his life.

3.Soap Dish it has a all star cast which includes Whoppi Sally Field and Kevin Kline they are making fun of Soaps.

4.Pretty Woman evetyone who has not seen this movie where have you been LOL

5.Beaches Bette Midler this is Bette at her best.

6.Straight Talk one of Dolly's movies :-)

7.9 to 5 another Dolly movie :-) Boob TV LOL

8.Either Sister act or anything with Whoopi.

9.Love Potion #9 one of Sandra Bullock's first movies.

1o.Any National Lampoon's movie besides maybe Last Resort I KNOW I KNOW Corey plays in it but have you actually seen this movie LOL

Worst Top 10 Movies of All Time.

1.Night Mother too hard to explain but believe me NEVER rent it

2.She's Haveing My Baby probably the only Kevin Bacon film I HATE.

3.National Lampoon's Last Resort like I said before do you have to ask LOL

That's the only movies I can actually say I hate I'll keep ya posted LOL

Best TV Shows Top 10

1.Days Of OUr Lives go to my days homepage and find out.

2.Two Guys A Girl and A Pizza Place it stars Ryan Reynolds it's on at 8:30 on Tuesdays.

3.Dawson's Creek Airs at 8 on the WB.

4.The New Love Boat The Next Wave

5.7th Heaven

6.Clueless yep Cluess is a series I guess you learned something LOL.

7.Boy Meets World.

8.Teen Angel

9.Sabrina the teenage Witch.

10.Any thing on Nick At Nite.

I would put up a worst but there is no way I could do that. That would be like picking a needle out of a hay stack every now and again we get these shows that last for no reason at all but to annoy people like me take Seinfeld for an example some of the shows I hated lasted for years and others just seem to fade away but those horrible memories of shows gone bad stays in my memory and I just can't get them out of my head :-)

My Favorite Singers Top 10

1.Prince don't matter how you say it Prince and The Revolution Prince Prince And The New Power Generation or The Symbol not singer will ever top Prince :-)

2.Dolly Parton Now this gal has Talent LOL

3.Whitney Houston now this girl has A voice and a half LOL

4.Bette Midler what can I say bout Bette :-)

5.K.T. Oslin.

6.Celine Dion.

7.Olivia Newton john.

8.Joey Lawrence.

10.Tanya Tucker.

Favorite Top 10 Songs......

1.The Living Year (Mike And The Mechanics)

2.Purple Rain (Prince)

3.Wing Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler)

4.(I will Always Love You (Dolly Parton or Whitney Houston)

5.Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins)

6.Two Sparrows In A Hurricane (Tanya Tucker)

7.Straight TaLK (Dolly Parton)

8.Stay With Me (Shakesspears Sisters)

9.Let's talk Bout Sex (Salt & Pepa)

10 Whoop There It Is (Tag Team)

There ain't too awful many basd songs so I'll just skip that Keep going down to get more info and even some pic of me at the bottom of this page :-)

All Bout Me :-)

Now That you know my favorites let me begin bout telling out A Little bout Me :-)

Well I'm 21 and from Leitchfield Kentucky. I went To Grayson County Highschool Wilkey Elementary and Grayson County Middle School. I quit school when I was 16. i worked at Mcdonalds where I sometimes got the job of production manager but one person can only take so much till I quit. I love to write and if plans go right I hope to have a novel published soon. I'm single. I was engaged once but it didn't work out she has moved on with her life and so have I. She got married not too long ago. I thought I would be more upset bout it then I was but actually after it was over I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I go to church from time to time. I'm pentecostal and I have spoke it tongues I was saved when I was bout 13 I was baptisted some time later. I love my music Gospel RocK and Country. I know I forgot to put it in my favorite things I will do it after this :-)

Throughout my 21 years on this Earth I've had many girlfriends some good and some not so good but I better not go into that LOL. There ain't no use in bring up the past because we all know there ain't nothin we can do to change on mistakes we can just move on and leave it in God's Hands.

I started working when I was 15. Like I said before I guess the job I liked the Most was Mickeyd's but I worked there so long and took so much til my nerves just wouldn't take it any more. I made alot of friends there that I don't get a chance to see very often anymore if you guys see this I miss Ya!!! I might not have a job right now but my life is still awful busy I don't have time for much anything anymore but I wish I did. I got my novel that I really need published. I got my life that needs to move on and believe me i'm tryin like hell LOL. It is just so hard to move on sometime when you just had your whole world crushed in but everyone esle has moved on and life goes on livin with out with out me.

I plan on getting my GED and going to college so next year I might be in college I sure hope so at least. I'm tired of working for nothin well my bosses get rich.

I have ICQ if you want to add me my UIN is 4541051.

I really need a girlfriend. I would like to meet someone is my area. If you live in the Leitchfield area and single message me or call me I ain't bout to put my phone number up here but if I think I can trust you I'll give it to ya :-) So if any Ladies need a great guy please think of me Billy :-)