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Hi Everyone :-) If you've been to my site you may have noticed an change. Well as of 6:07 PM August 31st 1998 I now have 16 Mailing Lists pages. I realize this makes it a little hard on you if you plan to see all my mailing list and to be honest maybe you don't like some of my lists So I created this page. I still have my old list pages and you still have to click on the pic link to get to join that mailing list that has not changed. But I created this page to make it easier on you. Also there are no pictures on this site so by some of the names I don't think you will reconize you will see () in this you will find just some of the movies or series that star has played in. Not everything but just enough to kind of give you an idea who the heck he or she is LOL Hope you like the new look and don't forget to sign my guestbook if you haven't already :-)

Page 1

The Artist Formely Known As Prince

Charlie Schlatter (Diagnosis Murder & ferris Bueller)

Bette Midler (Singer & Actress)

Corey Haim (The Lost Boys)

Page 2

Dolly Parton

Sandra Bullock

Olivia Newton John

Brad Pitt

Page 3

Chris Young (Max Headroom Book Of Love PCU & Deep down)

Emilo Estevez

Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains)

Dennis Quaid

Meg Ryan

Page 4

Brandon Douglas (Ferris Bueller Class Of 96 She Cried No & Dr Quinn Medicine Women also gueststarred on Northern Exposure)

Alicia Silverstone (You can ORDER her movies or anyone esles right from my page from by going to my Alicia Page)

Jonathan Silverman (Gimme A Break weekend At Bernies The Single Guy & Little sister)

Alyssa Milano

Page 5

Julia Roberts

Eric Roberts

Chris O'Donnell

Sean Astin

Mackenze Astin

Patty Duke Astin

John Astin

Helen Hunt

Greg Kinnear

As Good as It Gets

Page 6

David Spade

Kevin Kline

Whoopi Goldberg

Chris Pettiet (The Goodbye Bird)

Page 7

Kyle Howard (House Arrest & The New Love Boat The Next Wave)

Rick Schroder (Silver Spoons & NYPD Blue)

Jason Bateman (George And Leo & Hogan's Family)

Maxwell Caulfield (Grease 2 & All My Children)

Page 8

Corbin Allred (Teen Angel)

Danny Pintauro (Who's The Boss)

Jeremy Licht (Hogan's Family)

Johnny Galecki (I Know What You Did Last Summer & Roseanne)

Page 9

Robert Downey JR

Cathy Moriarty (Soap Dish & Casper)

Teri Hatcher ( Lois And Clark & Soapdish)

Corin Nemic (Parker Lewis Can't Lose)

Page 10

Tommy Puitt (Life Goes On)

Delta Burke (Delta Designing Women & Women Of The House)

Jeremy Miller (Growing Pains)

Candice Cameron (Full House)

Page 11

Annie Potts (Any Day Now Pretty In Pink Designing Women & Dangerous Minds)

David Lasher (White Squail Hey Dude Clueless & Blossom)

Julia Duffy (Newhart Social Studies & Designing Women)

Lisa Whelchel (Facts Of Life)

Page 12

Kyle Chandler (Pure Country & Early Edition)

Brain Austin Green (90210)

Cary Elwes (Liar Liar Robin Hood Men In Tights Princess Bride & The Crush)

David Faustino (Married with Children)

page 13

Dixie Carter (Designing Women & Different Strokes)

Elijah Wood

Jean Smart (Change of Heart Designing Women & Style And Substance)

Jordan Brower (Teen Angel)

Page 14

Michael Cade (California Dreams)

Mike Damus (Teen Angel)

Alice Ghostley (Grease Designing Women & Bewitched)

Priscilla Weems (Designing Women)

Page 15

Douglas Barr (Designing Women)

Sherly Lee Ralph (It's A Living Moesha Sister Act 2 & Designing Women)

George Newbern (Fater or the Bride 1 and 2 The Evening Star Little Sister & Designing Women)

Jan Hooks (Saturday Night Live & Designing Women)

Page 16

Judith Ivy (Designing Women)

Meshach Taylor (Designing Women)

Brain Lando (Designing Women)

Leonardo Dicaprio (Added September 7 1998 at 1:50 PM)

Page 17

Austin Peck (Days Of Our Lives)

Bryan Dattilo (Days Of Our Lives)

Devon Sawa

Jenna Von Oy (Blossom)

Page 18

Matt Damon

Roark Cricthlow (Days Of Our Lives)

Shane Mcdermott (All My Children Swan's Crossing & Airborne)

Antonio Sabato Jr (Added at 10:38 PM September 10th 1998)

Page 19

Jensen Ackles (Days Of Our Lives)

Joey Lawrence

Krista Allen (Days Of Our Lives Billie Reed Brady)

Mark Paul Gosslaar (Saved By The Bell Hyperon)

Page 20 (Added at 9:05 PM September 24 1998 To This Page)

Betty White (Golden Girls Mary Tyler Moore & The Betty White Show)

Chad Lowe (Robe Lowe's Brother & Co-star of Life Goes On Which airs on reruns on Pax Net)

Elizabeth Berkley (Saved By The Bell & Showgirls)

Jerry O'Connel (Stand By Me My Secret Identity Scream 2 Sliders & Joe's Apartment)

Page 21

Scott Bakula (Designing Women Murphy Brown & Quantum Leap)

William McNamera (Chasers Stella)

Estelle Getty (Golden Girls Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot with Sly Stallone)

Tracey Gold (Growing Pains)

Page 22

Brandon Call (Step By Step & Baywatch)

Matthew Lawrence (Brotherly Love & Boy Meets World)

Rider Strong (Boy Meets World)

Scott Baio (Diagnosis Murder Happy Days & Charles in Charge)

Page 23

Scott Wolf (Party Of Five)

Christian Slater

Drew Barrymoore

Tate Donovan (Love Potion #9 Trinity Partners & Friends)

Page 24

Jeremy Jackson (Baywatch)

Shannon Tweed

Ron Howard (Happy Days)

Kathleen Turner

Page 25

Randy Spelling (Sunset Beach)

Tori Spelling (90210)

Ben Savage (Boy Meets World)

Jeremy Jordan

Hope You Like The Change :-)

Hope you liked the changes :-) Down below you will find a link to my main page on your way out don't forget to sign my guestbook :-) If you have ICQ add me 4541051 also if any of these links don't work or you have an mailing list you want me to post at one of my pages send me the HTML Code at

Well at 11 PM September 10 1998 I thought it was time I posted a new guestbook :-) My old one messed up so I created this one. Please don't forget to sign it. Tell me what you think bout my lists. Tell me if you think I should put more up of your favorite actors actresses singers or whatever. Also please don't forget to go to my homepage. There you will find a pic and a bunch of over stuff too.

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Well as of 7 PM October 28th I finally finished The Main Index 2 Yep you heard it right 2. There is another page just like this one with alot more lists.