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All Bout Corey Everything you always wanted to know bout our pal Corey :-)

Name: Corey Ian Haim

Born: December 23, 1971 - Toronto, Ontario

Hair Color: Sandy Brown

Eye Color: Blue

A Favorite Actress: Cybill Shepherd

A Favorite Actor: James Dean

A Favorite Food: Pizza!

A Personal Ambition: To win an Academy Award

A Quote: "There's no point in making bad movies. That is not my desire."

Catch a Rising Star! Corey Haim: An Unauthorized Biography. A Laufer Publication A Fan Mail Address

Corey Haim

c/o McLennan Schur Entertainment, Ltd.

P.O. Box 383 - 1195 Davie St.

Vancouver, BC

Canada V6E 1N2

Actor Corey Haim, has signed on to Director J. Edward Schur's independent Canadian action/adventure film "The Safari Club", slated this spring (1998) for production in Vancouver, British Columbia. He will play the role of GAGE WOLFE, a convicted felon whose brother Jackson leads a bloody prison break to free him. "The Safari Club" is a mysterious organization which serves as the bat