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Other Mack Sean Patty and John Pics & a few Links too.

An 80's picture of Patty Duke (Sean and Mack's mom)

This is a younger Sean Astin relaxing on the diving board at his pool in his shorts.

This is a pic of the early Astin family. Sean bout age 3 or so and Mack just out of the hospital. So this is the first pic of the family together at home. John and Patty as happy parents.

Another pic of Sean relaxing by the pool this time reading a Teen Idol Magazine.

Mackenze relaxing in the chair with his blue jeans tee shirt and socks.

Added Pictures of Mackenzie Astin As Of July 28 of 1998 (3:24 P.M.)

Mackenzie and cast of his newest movie Last Days Of Disco.

This is a picture of Mack from Last Days Of Disco by himself.

This is a newer picture of Mack I think I got it from E-Online but not sure.

This is another pic of Mack also a new image of him.

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